Knitting Patterns

Knitting Patterns

In this category you will find a vast collection of pattern books, individual patterns, published books and magazines from some of the best hand knitting designers including Stephen West, Kim Hargreaves, Debbie Bliss and Ann Kingstone to name but a few.  

The selection of patterns we carry should appeal to all tastes, we have simple and traditional to adventurous and experienced.  We have patterns for homeware as well as garments and accessories.  

The vast majority of the pattern books are loaded so you can view all the patterns.  To do this, simply click the main picture in the book to open a screen, then click on the right hand side of each image to scroll through.

Generally speaking, using the yarn suggested by the pattern is the easiest option to ensure the finished garment is the correct size and has the right properties for the design although sometimes, you may have a pattern which you love and the yarn is no longer available.  It is possible to substitute yarns and the best way is to look for one that is similar in tension and composition to the one originally used in the pattern.  One or two stitches or rows out either side of the tension may be completely acceptable on a finer yarn but may make a big difference on a thicker yarn.  If you are in any doubt about substituting yarns Little Houndales staff will be more than happy to help.


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