Woolly Wormhead Workshop in the East Riding Journal!

I know it seems so long ago since we had the Woolly Wormhead Workshop but we’ve been so busy the last few weeks I’ve hardly had chance to sit at the laptop and write!  We have got a fabulous article in the East Riding Journal owing huge thanks to Deborah who came on the workshop.  (Link to the pdf is at the bottom of the page)

I’ve seen several of the hats that have been completed since the workshop….there’s some budding designers amongst us!  The hat I made for myself is no great design masterpiece but it fits lovely and is wonderfully warm…I’ts great knowing I’m wearing a hat that has been held and had a couple of stitches knitted by ‘Woolly’ and great to know I’m wearing the wool from our own sheep!


Plenty of hats for us to try on!!


A scrumptiously chocolatey ‘Welcome Woolly’ cake!!….courtesy of Helena!!


Suffolk X Wool Tops!……have to get a pic of my sheep in ;-)


Thinking hard….and concentrating!

Need a sugar rush to work out the maths!

Plenty of hats for us to try on!!






Click and have a read of the article:-

Woolly Wormhead Workshop PDF

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