Fyberspates was founded in 2005 by Jeni Hewlett as a small business enterprise which quickly grew to now distributing worldwide with a stunning range of patterns to complement the yarns.

Fyberspates carefully source all of their yarns and fibres and pride themselves on ethical yarn production. Where possible, they source locally. They also buy yarn from Peru, Italy, Spain and the USA and have personally visited nearly all their production sites to observe the manufacture processes. These manufacturers have very high standards of production, and good working standards for their employees. They try not to purchase from other countries where they have not personally sourced the yarn or fibres

Fyberspates yarns and fibres are dyed using a variety of techniques and each colourway produced is unique as a result. The subtle variations from skein to skein is what makes the products so distinctive. From painting individual strands of yarn with brushes to immersion in dye vats, each skein has been carefully processed to produce wonderful colours and patterns. 


Working with Fyberspates Yarn

Due to the way in which the hand dyed yarns and fibres are produced, we cannot guarantee exact consistency of colour between batches. If you wish to knit a large garment, it is wise to make sure you purchase enough yarn or fibre from the same batch or update in order to complete the project. 

All the dyes used are nontoxic, and wash fast, which means the colour will not fade. It is very common for there to be some excess dye released during the first wash but this will NOT affect the resulting colour of the yarn. For this reason, we recommend that the first wash is always done separately to other garments.

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