Jamieson and Smith

Jamieson and Smith

Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool Brokers Ltd. purchase Shetland wool from over 700 of Shetland's crofters and farmers, and transform it into high-quality Shetland knittting yarn; with the infamous 2py Jumper Weight (knits as a standard 4ply) being perfect for colour work. The range of colours gives you vast flexibility when selecting for your colourwork too! 


Shetland wool is an incredibly natural and sustainable fibre, and is world renowned for its fineness and warmth. Shetland sheep graze on the islands' hills and beaches eating wild heather and seaweed. This diet, along with the not-so-great weather, makes Shetland wool soft, strong and warm. Shetland Wool is also very diverse: it's perfect for hand-knitting both Shetland Lace and Fair Isle, as well as for knitwear manufacture and weaving. Fleece is hand sorted and graded to make sure that nothing is wasted; the coarser parts of the fleece are used in carpets and mats.


Everything at Jamieson & Smith is done with the aim of enhancing the profile of Shetland wool, so as to raise the prices for local wool producers. A 2009 trading standards investigation revealed that J & S purchase over 80% of the wool produced in Shetland. Therefore playing an important part in sustaining Shetland's fragile crofting industry, as well as their textiles industry and heritage.  To ensure the future of the Shetland wool industry they work closely with key organisations, collaborate with new designers and are dedicated to textile innovation and experimentation.


Jamieson & Smith have been around since the 1930s, when it was founded by the Smith family of Berry Farm in Scalloway, on the east coast of Shetland. In the 60s, they re-located to the current premises overlooking the harbour in Lerwick... a little cluster of buildings on the North Road includes our wool sheds, a renovated church - which is now our yarn store, and a 1920s police station (complete with two cells) - which serves as our carpet store and showroom.


In 2004 the Smith family retired and joined with Curtis Wool Direct in Yorkshire. Jamieson & Smith continues to be staffed by Shetlanders - there are seven of them - and 'Eva' still visits. We remain a stand alone company, in that the profits received from the sale of Real Shetland Wool and Real Shetland Wool products return to the Shetland economy and are passed along to our number one priority, the wool producer.


The 3 sheep logo signals that the product is manufactured from 100% Real Shetland Wool from Sheep that are born and bred on the islands.

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