Shops across the country will be re-opened their doors at the beginning of July for the first time since March, but it’s a whole new experience... no hanging around, no touching products, no friendly chats or cuppa, no helping out when you’re stuck on a project, everyone in face masks... as a business, we feel unable to offer people the level of service we like to provide with these restrictions. The set up we have makes socially distancing difficult, and both myself and staff members have underlying health issues making us vulnerable. Keeping ourselves and customers safe challenging. We have therefore taken the temporary decision not to re-open. This decision will be continually reviewed, but meanwhile, we’re still continuing to offer our free FaceTime shopping slots, free FaceTime/telephone/email project support (for projects purchased from Little Houndales Knits), and contactless collection. We hope you will continue to support us through this time, small family businesses such as ours don’t have the advantages that many of the larger internet retailers have and it’s only by continuing to support us that we’ll still be around to re-open when the situation allows. Thank you in advance!!