Knitting for Gold

Knitting for Gold
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Knit your own sports hero using simple knitting techniques.  Bully off with field hockey, sprint for the finish with the track stars, or wow the crowd with your doll’s snowboarding prowess.  There are twenty dolls just waiting for the signal to go.

There are knitting patterns for both male and female dolls, along with all the sports equipment you need to get them ready to win the gold.  The clothes and kit range from running shorts to ski-poles, and each project is illustrated clearly, making these knitted dolls a pleasure to make. Perfect as gifts for the sportsman or woman in your life.

Contents include basic doll, running, football, tennis, beach volleyball, fencing, hurdling, field hockey, karate, rhythmic gymnastics, dressage, white water rafting, ice skating, skiing, archery, swimming, discuss, weighlifting, ice hockey, snowboarding and medals.

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