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Debbie Bliss - Winter Brights
Winter Brights is the new pattern book to support the Debbie Bliss alpaca and merino blend yarn o..
£5.95 £2.50
Ex Tax: £2.50
MillaMia Pattern - Clementin Hat & Scarf
Individual MillaMia pattern for Clementin hat and scarf.  Pattern reflects the characteristi..
£3.50 £1.50
Ex Tax: £1.50
MillaMia - The Close Knit Gang
The Close Knit Gang is an exclusive collection of baby and children's knitting patterns shaped by..
£14.95 £8.00
Ex Tax: £8.00
Scrumptious Collection Volume 2
The second printed book from Fyberspates - nine exquisite patterns using the wool/silk Scrumptiou..
£7.00 £4.00
Ex Tax: £4.00
ArtViva 28cm Tasmanian Oak Knitting Needles with Polka Dot Top
**Please note - labels may be missing/faded - hence reduced price** ArtViva 28cm Polka Dot To..
£14.40 £8.40
Ex Tax: £7.00
Araucania Patterns - Tepa
Araucania Tepa is a stunning collection of garments and accessories using Araucania Tepa yarn.&nb..
£7.50 £3.50
Ex Tax: £3.50
Debbie Bliss - Milano
A fabulous collection of knitting patterns for men and women using the Milano yarn which knits to..
£7.50 £2.50
Ex Tax: £2.50
MillaMia Cushion Patterns
Choose from a variety of MillaMia cushion designs all reflecting the characteristic modern MillaM..
£3.50 £2.00
Ex Tax: £2.00
Lantern Moon Tape Measures
All these adorable Lantern Moon tape measures are hand crocheted and measure up to 1.5m. ..
£8.00 £6.00
Ex Tax: £5.00
Bergere de France Magic+ - only £1.20 a ball
Bergere de France Magic+ is a great yarn for beginners, with a smooth crepe regular finish and ex..
£3.70 £1.20
Ex Tax: £1.00
MillaMia Pattern - Cecilia Coat
Individual MillaMia pattern for Cecilia coat, finished size 1 to 5 years.  Pattern reflects ..
£3.50 £2.00
Ex Tax: £2.00
MillaMia - Country Escape
Country Escape is a beautiful collection of some of the most popular and 'wearable' peices from t..
£8.00 £5.00
Ex Tax: £5.00
Scrumptious Collection Volume 3
The third book from Fyberspates - 13 exquisite patterns using the wool/silk Scrumptious range of ..
£7.00 £4.00
Ex Tax: £4.00
Louisa Harding Trenzar
Louisa Harding Trenzar is a fabulous braided yarn - made in Peru.  It is beautiful wool and ..
£12.95 £6.00
Ex Tax: £5.00
Debbie Bliss - Celebrating Family
Celebrating Family contains a fantastic collection of knitting patterns using Debbie Bliss Baby C..
£7.50 £2.50
Ex Tax: £2.50
Louisa Harding - Knits from an English Rose
Timeless, accessible and unabashedly romantic, this collection from renowned knitwear designer Lo..
£16.95 £8.45
Ex Tax: £8.45
Bergere de France Galaxie - only £1.20 a ball
Galaxie's secret is its super shiny metallic-effect strand that catches the light and gives it a ..
£3.40 £1.20
Ex Tax: £1.00
Debbie Bliss - Rialto DK Print
A fabulous pattern collection using a combination of the tried and tested 100% merino Rialto DK a..
£7.50 £2.50
Ex Tax: £2.50
Noro Silk Garden
Noro Silk Garden is a lustrous silk/mohair/wool blend.  Exotic colourways and Noro's legenda..
£8.50 £6.00
Ex Tax: £5.00
Lantern Moon Sweater Key Ring
Beautiful hand crocheted sweater key rings from Lantern Moon. The perfect gift for knitters and c..
£6.00 £4.80
Ex Tax: £4.00
KnitPro Dreamz Interchangeables 'Limited Edition' Deluxe Boxed Set
£80.00 £72.00
Ex Tax: £60.00
Debbie Bliss - Angel
A fabulous collection of patterns using Debbie Bliss Angel - a light, airy lace weight mohair and..
£7.50 £2.50
Ex Tax: £2.50
MillaMia Pattern - Nina Dress
Individual MillaMia pattern for Nina Dress, finished size 1 to 5 years.  Pattern reflects th..
£3.50 £2.00
Ex Tax: £2.00
Scrumptious Collection Volume 1
The first printed book from Fyberspates - 20 exquisite patterns using the wool/silk Scrumptious r..
£7.00 £4.00
Ex Tax: £4.00
Debbie Bliss Cotton DK
Debbie Bliss Cotton DK is a soft yet hard wearing yarn.  It is excellent for both homeware i..
£3.95 £2.40
Ex Tax: £2.00
Debbie Bliss - Luxury Tweed Aran
A small selection of four designs using Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed Aran yarn. ..
£4.95 £1.00
Ex Tax: £1.00
Lantern Moon Stitch Markers
These are the last packets which have been on display in the shop. The packaging is slightly worn..
£9.60 £7.20
Ex Tax: £6.00
Malabrigo Rasta
Malabrigo Rasta is a fabulously soft merino yarn with a slightly felted appearance.  Kettle ..
£16.50 £14.40
Ex Tax: £12.00
Debbie Bliss - An Andes Story
A gorgeous collection of designs using Debbie Bliss Andes, a feather soft blend of alpaca and sil..
£5.00 £2.50
Ex Tax: £2.50
MillaMia Pattern - Lovisa Cardigan
Individual MillaMia pattern for Lovisa cardigan, finished size 2 to 6 years.  Pattern reflec..
£3.50 £2.00
Ex Tax: £2.00